Five top dog walks

Moving home has to be the right shout for your pooch too! Luckily there are some great walks in the Haltwhistle area, so at the end of a long (fulfilling) day in the Cartmell Shepherd office, tranquillity and amazing views beckon...

Haltwhistle Burn

Winding its way down from the Roman Wall to the old stone houses of Town Foot, the wooded valley of the Haltwhistle Burn has a secret to unfold.

Walk the Burn and enjoy the diversity of wildlife and peace of the countryside. 

Hadrian's Wall

Stretching 73 miles from coast to coast, Hadrian’s Wall was built to guard the wild north-west frontier of the Roman Empire. Today you can explore the forts, towers, turrets and towns that once kept watch over the Wall - with your faithful dog, of course.

Haltwhistle Riverside

Get out the dog lead and treat your beloved pooch to a walk from Haltwhistle, along the banks of the River Tyne which runs through the town. Keep going until you reach the impressive Lambley Viaduct, a former railway bridge.

Allen Banks

With its deep gorge, created by the River Allen, and the largest area of ancient semi-natural woodland in Northumberland, this 250-hectare site provides the perfect setting for an adventure. Allen Banks has become a fantastic home for flora and fauna.


At Cawfields is a dramatic stretch of Hadrian's Wall on a steep slope, one of the highest standing sections of the Wall. Within its length there are turrets and an impressive milecastle,  probably built by the Second Legion.